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EspaciosJunta everpaths

Murillo Exhibition 2018 – Museum of Fine Arts (Seville)

2 May, 2024


In 2018, on the occasion of the fourth anniversary of the birth of the painter Bartolomé Esteban Murillo, the cultural direction aimed to enrich the experience of visitors to the Museum of Fine Arts in Seville as part of a pilot plan to improve experiences in museums.
The need to provide more detailed information about the artist’s exhibited works, to facilitate the availability of a multilingual audioguide, and to improve orientation within the building was identified.

Proposed Solution for the Museum of Fine Arts:

The Andalusian Telecommunications Development Society (Sandetel), in collaboration with Vodafone Spain, defined the scope and execution of a pilot application for museum visitors.

It was determined to use the Everpaths solution as the basis for the application development, which was named EspaciosJunta. (Currently, the application can be obtained in the markets under the name Espacioscultur@).


The implementation of the solution was simple and comprehensive. In addition to providing information about Murillo’s works, the application was designed to function as a comprehensive tool for museum visitors.
From the Everpaths administration web platform, the museum maps were uploaded, and the contents of the works were created and positioned, with multilingual descriptions (English and Spanish) and corresponding images.
To enhance the location experience, small Bluetooth sensors were installed in the different museum rooms, covering a total area of 7,000 m2.
These beacons allowed for the geolocation of visitors’ smartphones within the building.
The installation of the beacons was simple and non-intrusive, as they are small and do not require wiring, using batteries with a lifespan of over 6 years.


The pilot application was launched on iOS and Android coinciding with the inauguration of the Murillo anniversary exhibition in October 2018.
During the exhibition, over 3,000 visitors downloaded the application, which offered a complete guide to both the permanent and temporary Murillo exhibition.
Since then, the application has been available to visitors of the permanent exhibition, significantly improving their experience at the Museum of Fine Arts in Seville.

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