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Everpaths en el CM Málaga

Everpaths featured on the EnRed program on CanalSur TV.

3 Nov, 2021

The EnRed program on CanalSur TV recently highlighted an innovative tool that is transforming the visitor experience at the Itálica Archaeological Site: EspaciosJunta, based on Everpaths. During the interview, several experts shared their perspectives on this exciting implementation.

Leading digital transformation in culture

Pedro Justo, Project Manager at Sandetel, offered a comprehensive view of Everpaths, tracing its origins back to its implementation at the Museum of Fine Arts (EspaciosJunta). He emphasized the benefits that this application brings to both visitors and the museum itself, highlighting its ability to enrich the user experience and improve interaction with exhibitions.

The director of the Itálica Archaeological Site, Fernando Panea, highlighted Espacios Junta’s ability to offer an immersive experience to visitors. He described how the application allows users to explore 3D reconstructions of iconic spaces such as the amphitheater and the House of the Birds. This feature, accessible via mobile devices, offers a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the history and architecture of the site, transporting them to the past virtually.

“3D reconstructions of iconic buildings for a more immersive view”

The interview also featured Manuel García, CEO of ITSOFT, the company behind Everpaths. In his remarks, he emphasized the importance of efficient content management and highlighted the advantages of having a direct communication channel with users through the application. This direct connection allows for greater personalization of the user experience and facilitates the dissemination of relevant information about the archaeological site.

In summary

The implementation of the EspaciosJunta application based on Everpaths at the Itálica Archaeological Site represents an exciting advancement in the integration of technology into the cultural and tourist experience.

From 3D reconstructions to direct communication with visitors, this tool promises to significantly enrich the way historical and archaeological heritage is enjoyed and understood.

Update: Since late 2023, the EspaciosJunta application has been renamed EspaciosCultura.. It is available on both iOS and Android.