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How does Everpaths work?

Indoor and outdoor location and wayfinding

Everpaths is a comprehensive tool that leverages spatial information and positioning technologies to provide building managers with an advanced localization and guidance solution. Everpaths enables asset traceability and localization, as well as the monitoring and tracking of workers and visitors.

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How it works - Everpaths
Everpaths - How it works and applied technologies


Everpaths is a platform for location services. It integrates various technologies to provide comprehensive information.


Modular architecture and open design enable you to quickly deploy your own advanced location-based solution, complete with API and SDK integration.

Ready to use

Includes ready-to-use modules for: navigation, geopositioned content, personnel tracking, and asset localization, among others.

Everpaths - How it works and applied technologies
How it works

Everpaths is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform.

Web Platform

Simple and intuitive interface

It allows both the commissioning and configuration of the information to be offered to users, and it provides all the intelligence and content to the application while interacting with other systems. Easy to manage without requiring advanced knowledge of IT tools.

How it works-Everpaths - web Platform


It contains the plans that comprise the modeling of the spaces to be included in the orientation and location system.


It includes the plans used to model the spaces incorporated into the orientation and location system.

Multi-site and multi-user

Multiple buildings can be managed from a single platform, regardless of their locations.

Analytics and reporting

Analyze movement patterns using real-time statistical information.

How it works - Everpaths museum app

Enhance visitor experience with effortless mobility

The mobile application enables users to know their location within the building at all times and receive relevant information about the building directly on their mobile devices.

It also provides navigation instructions and converts text content into audio.

Real-time location

The application displays the user’s location and provides relevant information directly to their mobile phone.

Guidance to a destination or navigation

Enables text or voice-guided navigation to facilitate movement both inside and outside the building.


Displays content in all configured languages from the web platform.


Easily customizable in terms of cover design, corporate color palette, style, typography, etc.

Positioning Technologies

We adapt to the existing technological infrastructure

We use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology as our foundation, but we deploy and/or adapt to the client’s technological infrastructure. This enables us to seamlessly integrate with their environment and provide a successful indoor and outdoor localization solution. While these three systems are the most commonly used, they are not the only ones we work with.


These systems enable the localization of smartphones within indoor spaces, which helps optimize operations.


By utilizing technologies such as BLE, GPS, Wi-Fi, UWB, or RFID, RTLS enables us to track and monitor objects, people, or assets within a given space.


We combine indoor positioning technologies with the GPS system to also cover outdoor spaces.

The combination of these systems enables us to provide more accurate information regardless of the location.


Asset Control module

Everpaths incorporates an Asset Control module, which is utilized in various scenarios to locate high-value assets or individuals indoors without requiring them to use a smartphone.

Beacons for assets or people

These are small, portable devices that emit Bluetooth signals to facilitate real-time identification and tracking of assets or people.

Beacon scanners

These are instruments used to detect and capture signals emitted by tracking beacons for assets or people.

More features

Everpaths offers, among other features, the following:

Mobility profiles

Multi-space platform


Geo-positioned content

Communication channel

Integration with third-party systems

Real-time location

Analytics and reporting

We combine location technologies

Mobility profiles

Multi-space platform


Geo-positioned content

Communication channel

Integration with third-party systems

Real-time location

Analytics and reporting

We combine location technologies

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