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How it works - Everpaths

With Everpaths, guide your guests effortlessly

Everpaths offers hotels and resorts the opportunity to enhance guest experience and optimize establishment management with indoor and outdoor location technology. Our solution provides intuitive guidance, geopositioned information, and data analytics for efficient resource management.


Analyze and utilize data to enhance guest experience, optimize hotel management, and boost profitability.

Location and wayfinding

Deliver location and detailed information to your visitors within your buildings, all accessible from the convenience of their smartphones.


Identify congested areas and optimize space and staff allocation, enhancing operational efficiency.

Everpaths in hotels

Everpaths: the key to a unique hotel experience

Everpaths offers you
Web Platform

Digital twin of your hotel

With Everpaths, hotel managers will be able to:


Configure your hotel spaces (both indoor and outdoor) to provide guidance for guests, visitors, and staff.


Instantly know the location of assets and people and the traceability of their movements.

Interconnectivity with External Systems

Building management systems (PMS, BMS), security and surveillance systems, etc.

Everpaths hotels - Web Platform
Everpaths hotels - APP

The ultimate guide for guests

Users will have at their disposal:


The app analyzes the surroundings to pinpoint the user’s location and provide navigation directions.

Communication channel

With push notifications to receive location-based information.


The app can display information in multiple languages as configured from the platform.


Asset Control module

Everpaths incorporates an Asset Control module, which is utilized in various scenarios to locate high-value assets or individuals indoors without requiring them to use a smartphone.

Beacons for assets or people

These are small, portable devices that emit Bluetooth signals to facilitate real-time identification and tracking of assets or people.

Beacon scanners

These are instruments used to detect and capture signals emitted by tracking beacons for assets or people.

Everpaths in hotels and resorts

Make a difference in the guest experience

Advantages of Everpaths in your hotel

Everpaths - Enhanced guest experience

Enhanced guest experience

Facilitates navigation and orientation in the resort, allowing guests to easily find their rooms, common areas, restaurants and services.

Everpaths - Asset Management Optimization

Asset Management Optimization

Enables efficient tracking of hotel assets, such as cleaning carts and transport carts, to improve internal logistics and ensure more agile service.

Everpaths - People flow management

People flow management

The collected data allows for the analysis and management of people flows in high-traffic areas, preventing congestion and improving capacity planning.

Everpaths - Common area experience

Common area experience

Provides information on events, activities, and points of interest within the hotel or resort, enhancing the guest experience and encouraging guest engagement.

Everpaths - Check-in and check-out

Check-in and check-out

Guests can check in and check out quickly and easily, avoiding queues and waiting.

Everpaths - Personalized services

Personalized services

Can provide personalized offers and recommendations based on the guest’s location, enhancing the travel experience and increasing customer satisfaction.

Everpaths in hotels and resorts

Ready to transform your hotel into a smart building?

More features

Everpaths offers, among other features, the following:

Multispace platform


Mobility profiles

Location of assets and people

Communication channel

Integration with BMS, PMS, and other systems

We combine location technologies

Analytics and reporting


Multispace platform


Mobility profiles

Location of assets and people

Communication channel

Integration with BMS, PMS, and other systems

We combine location technologies

Analytics and reporting


Do you have a unique building?

Locate and guide your visitors

Our solution harnesses advanced localization technologies to provide an accurate and reliable experience. We adapt to our clients' technological infrastructure.


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