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Help users get to consultation and waiting rooms

Walking in a hospital is not simple. It is very easy to get lost in a unfamiliar vast space where every aisle looks exactly like the others, with plenty of people moving all directions.

Everpaths allows the users to locate themselves and helps them to reach the consultation or waiting room with simple instructions and an interactive map.

The integrated directory will also allow them to browse the building facilities by categories, such as the closest toilets, elevators, the cafeteria or simply the exit. If your hospital has an appointment tool, you can enrich your service thanks to everpaths, since the app can show the programmed destination directly on the patient's smartphone, guide them to the destination and the app would notify your computer system when the patient is already present in the hospital center or in the right waiting room.  

The University Hospital Puerta del Mar of Cádiz belonging to the Andalusian Health Service, has opted for the everpaths platform as the tool for guiding users within the hospital.