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Locate People

The need

There are many reasons why you may need to have people under certain location control, say for example patients at hospitals, seniors at the residence, or just employees and visits a the office.

Locate people

The solution

Everpaths can actively detect small bluetooth beacons, that can be carried by people, infering then their location.

You can get reports on how many controlled people is at a given moment in the building and in which room.

As well you can analyze stay times for employees and visits.

Another use case is knowing the real time location for people, directly applicable for surgery patients, in order to keep family members punctually updated about the patient progress.

Location methods available:

  • Smartphone based.
    • The user runs in his smartphone a tracker app that is connected to the Everpaths platform, sending periodically the indoor and outdoor location to the platform.
  • Sniffer based.
    • The user wears a small beacon in his wrist or his pocket, and the Sniffers distributed along the space locate the small beacons and report the location to the Everpaths platform.





Then, you can manage different processes such as:

  • Attendance:
    • Everpaths can create automated reports of entry and exit time for employees based on the available records.
  • Presence:
    • You can query who is at a given moment in your building or space and where is located, having either a list or a map view. 
  • Emergency:
    • Have your emergency coordinators well located anytime.
    • Send emergency messages to those in a certain area of your building.
    • Check if there is anyone missing in the building in case of emergency.
    • Generate alerts if presence in restricted areas.
    • Check if security rounds are correctly done. 
  • Tracking:
    • Analyze not only location but tracks inside the building and outdoors.

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