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Smart Solutions for Buildings


Full geolocated content management system with audio description

Help users with indoor location and wayfinding

Interactive app alerts based on user location

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Smart Solutions for Buildings

Geolocated Contents, Location and Wayfinding, and Push Notifications

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The best guide for your building

Everpaths is an Smart Building Platform designed for creating new innovative services.

You can choose the modular packs you need for your business, such as indoor location and guidance,  audioguides, asset control, security cameras, surveillance control, and IOT elements control.

Everpaths has a cloud management system and a user mobile app.

Big data generated is a valuable asset, and it will help you understand the visit experiences to your spaces, mobility trends, search needs, and requested routes.



The app identifies the building exploring the closest beacons and automatically load the building maps and contents. The app map shows the user position and information about the most relevant point of interest nearest to the user.



The user selects a destination in the space, directly on the app map or either through the search box, and quickly gets the directions on the map on how to get there from his actual  position. 


Geolocated contents

Contents are placed exactly where they really are in the space so they can be found in an intuitive way through the app maps.



The app reads the contents son it can be easly used as an audioguide. User selects its preferred voice and setting through the smartphone setup configuration. This is a very powerful feature, making audioguides cheap and easy to maintain.


Push notifications

You can send push notifications to the user app based on user location, it means you can send messages to people which are at specific rooms o which are not in this moment or in any moment. 


Adapted routes

When defining node interconnection you can specify different mobility profiles so the user will allways get the best route that suits his mobility needs.


Suggested routes

You can create and suggest users with predefined routes for a best visit experience. 



The platform allows you to exploit the Big data generated during the visits with anonymous user data, such as frequent routes, information demand, number of visits,.. .


Integration API

For software developers we offer a powerful API so their apps can be easily integrated with the everpaths platform.


Everpaths can be configured to satisfy each project requirements and every customer needs.

Galleries and Museums

Galleries and Museums

Interactive guide and automatic audioguide for smartphones

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Help users get to consultation and waiting rooms

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Shopping centers and malls

Shopping centers and malls

A new revenue channel that increases visits and enhance communications with customers.

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Fairs and conferences

Fairs and conferences

A single app to improve the effectiveness of all events.

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Corporate buildings

Corporate buildings

Reduce inefficiencies and facilitate the internal movements of workers and visitors.

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Hotels and resorts

Hotels and resorts

Help your clients get around the resort.

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User app


Everpaths platform offers a multispace and free user app for indoor location and guidance.

The app recognices the beacon environment to determine its location, creates routes directions. It also shows and converts contents in audio.

You can ask for an exclusive app, based on the standar everpaths app, with your own branding and logo. If you need a brand new app based on your needs we will be pleased to prepare you a quote and develop it for you.

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Big data and cloud management

The everpaths platform includes a cloud management system for maps, routes and content edition. The cloud platform engine resolves location and routing requests. It also gathers anonymous usage data that feeds the "big data" database for a complete data analysis of people flows, routes preferences, searches, and many other valuable information that can be extracted.

Technical information




Indoor location and guidance

The system uses bluetooth low energy beacons  to locate the smartphones.


BLE beacons

Small and efficient. The batteries last for 10 years.


Interactive maps

Map based interface, it is quite easy to search contents and destintations. 


Multispace app

Manage multiple buildings with a single app.



The app will read specific text content using smartphone reading capabilities converting it in audio, helping the creation an management of high quality audioguides.



Everpaths supports multiple languages. You can define and edit the languages you need for your app. No limit.


Custom app 

You can have your own branded app and if your requirements are different we can develop a brand new app for you. 


Geolocated content management

Contents are managed through the cloud management system. You can do it yourself by your own or if you like, we can do it for you.


Big data

The everpaths platform gathers full information to allow data analysis of indoor mobility and space usage habits.


Add your space

Having your own space in everpaths is quite easy. 

Just fill the quote form. We will prepare a quote. Once you aprove the quote we will configure the space for you and we will send you the beacons. Add the contents in the cloud and place the beacons in the building and that's all. 


Quote request

Everpaths is developed and operated by ITSOFT

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