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If you have any doubts concerning our platform please check this section.

Frequent Asked Questions

How much does Everpaths costs?
The price depends on the space you want to add. It is a function of the size and the complexity. Please select the menu option  Buy, fill the form and we will get in contact with you to send you a custom proposal.
Which smartphones are compatible with Everpaths??
Everpaths is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones. Bluetooh support is required.
How does Everpaths handle the content information?
All information in Everpaths is kept as "contents", having a location in the space. Contents may be rooms, furniture, all kind of services or resources you want to promote.
Who creates and edits the contents?
There are different management profiles for the space. You decide who manages the contents. If you want, we can help you create and maintain your space contents.
I want to include several buildings in Everpaths. Do I need several apps?
No, with Everpaths you can manage multiple spaces or buildings with a single app. 
Can I have an app only for my firm?
Yes, you can order a branded app or even a full custom app for your company. 
What is Everpaths?
Everpaths is the name of ITSOFT's service for indoor location and guidance. ITSOFT is the firm that has developed and runs the service for Everpaths. Check about ITSOFT in its web


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