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 Galleries and Museums

Interactive guide and automatic audioguide for smartphones

Everpaths is the perfect complement for visiting museums and historical monuments.

The contents can be easily assigned to rooms, and the app user can see them in the map in the exact location where they are.

Visitors can easily browse the artworks information and location. The app will guide the visitors to the selected artworks using adapted routes according their mobility profiles. 

The contents can be read by the smartphone, obteining high quality audioguides with very easy maintenance.

Visitors can browse and follow suggested routes. These routes are an ordered list of contents. The navigation system will always show the user the optimal route to reach the contents.

The later analysis of the generated data will offer the space admin very interesting managerial information such as the most demanded and visited rooms, the time spent in the rooms, the preferred routes and space heat maps.

The Museum of Fine Arts of Seville offers an everpath based app as the official guide for visitors, either to the permanent collection of the Museum and also for temporary exhibitions.