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 Corporate buildings

Reduce inefficiencies and facilitate the internal movements of workers and visitors.

For some years now, there is a trend of integrating all the company staff in a single space, creating habitats of several thousand people living in a small city, which makes it sometimes difficult to know all the rooms and offices by heart.

Everpaths becomes the ally of the corporation in these situations.

Workers and regular visits can carry the everpaths app installed on their smartphone, which will allow them to quickly find a room, an office, the cafeteria, the bathroom or the nearest emergency exit. 

Everpaths’ ability to work with different user mobility profiles allows routes for workers to be different from routes for visitors. 

Properly integrated with internal systems, it can eliminate the need for manual electronic sign-up and facilitate the inflow and outflow of buildings.

It can also be used in case of emergency for evacuation notifications, indicating the open escape routes.